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Tue, Jul. 17th, 2007, 01:04 pm
redwitchesbrew: More Art/WitchesBrewpress Listings...

(X-POSTED IN MY MAIN LJ, redwitchesbrew)

I set up a page on the http://www.talentdatabase.com/ website, I'm listed as Michele_Witchipoo. For those who are familiar with my artwork, you might've seen some of these illustrations prior, but feel free and check it out anyway. Come by, say hello, and if you're listed, add me.

I also have a page on the Deviant Art website, I've been on that site since 2005. You know the deal, come by, check out my stuff, maybe say hello...

I also have these two pages on MySpace: Psycho Bunny and Babalon Babes.