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The Official LJ Community for Psycho Comix!

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"There is a little bit of Psycho Bunny in all of us..."

"GRRRRRRRRRR..."-Psycho Bunny.

Welcome to the official LJ community of Psycho Bunny!

Here one can find out all the latest news of that rabbit with the nasty attitude, who does nothing but drink cheap 40oz beers, and spreads general hostility all round. His best friend (and only friend) is Buddy Bear, who is just too passive to fight back. Other characters to be introduced soon will be Psycho Bunny's Mom. I'm still working on Psycho Bunny's alcoholic uncle and Psycho Bunny's next door neighbor who is one of those pretentious "struggling artist" types. Yeah, you get the ideal. The first and second issues of Psycho Bunny Comix is currently available, email PsychoBunnyCoix@aol.com for details. You can also clickhere to get your own copy, accepts PayPal.

This community isn't limited to Psycho Bunny per say; talk about other local/national underground/indie comix are welcome. Feel free to post about, for example, Robert Crumb.

This community has been created and mantained by redwitchesbrew

Any fan of Psycho Bunny, or indie/underground/alternative/self-published comix is welcome to join.

Both Psycho Bunny and Babalon Babes are available through WitchesBrewPress, est. in 2004. Look for additional titles to be released soon.

Click on the above logo to enter the WitchesBrewPress.com website.